This workshop is geared both to the film makers as well as musicians. Learn from the leaders in the industry

Film Makers:  What are the legalities of putting someone's music into a film? Can the film make money with a sound track?

Musicians: How do you get your music in films or commercials.  Brainstorming and legal aspects!

Free to attend for all accepted film makers and Music entries. Separate passes may be purchased for just this workshop

Must be film maker or VIP pass holder or have a special workshop only ticket!

​Facilitator : David Minasian

Erin Dillon


Music in Film

Songtrdr Presentation

Louie Logerot started working in the Motion Picture Industry in 1977 as a Set painter. He started running shows as a paint Supervisor in 1984 doing the Moonlighting TV Series. He worked in  this field until retiring in 2013. Emmy winning shows  he worked on ​are Moonlighting, Dinosaurs, Home Front and Cinderella. He served on the Executive Board for Local 729 for 15 years and won the position on BA for Local 729. He loves doing things with his family like Camping and traveling around the country.

He relocated from California December 2017 to the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona.

Working with Production Designers such as Phil Toolin, Jessica Kender and Brandy Alexander just to name a few, Louie will be able to answer questions on how to save money on sets and how to stretch that budget.  Additional shows just to name a few are: Dexter, October Road, Starting Wife, Sex, Love & Secrets, Clubhouse, Summerland, Soul Plane, Mr. Sterling, C.S.I, Martial Law, Passions, Cracker,

LA Firefighters, The Burning Zone, Shafted, Beverly Hills Ninja.

"Cameron Mitchell has been writing all his life. Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, there was nothing else to do. In 2011, his first novel The Temple was published. Cameron spent the next two years selling and signing books until he parted ways with his publisher. In 2013 he moved to Los Angeles and turned his eye to production. He has directed four short films since, and produced more than two dozen, alongside several commercials and music videos. He has had scripts featured in Hollyshorts and the Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship, as well as many smaller festivals. In 2018 he was awarded the Northern Lights Emerging Talent Award from the Alaska Film Awards, and his short film Breakfast In Bed was a semifinalist in the Short Drama category of the Burbank International Film Festival. That same year he helped form the group Tequila Mockingbird. Three of their shorts are featured at the Showlow Film Festival, including Looking In, which he wrote and directed."​​

Louie Logerot


Bang for your Buck 


Friday October 12th, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm 

Speaker: Mr. Roger Goff

ARIZONA FILM COMMISSION:Saturday October 13th, 12:00 Pm- 12:30 Pm

Speaker : Mr. Matthew Earl Jones

Mr. Jones will be talking about benefits for filming in Arizona, tax breaks and other incentives!

Matthew Earl Jones


​Arizona Film Commission & Perks

Linda Palmer-Cardone


Bang for your Buck 

Erin has spent the better part of a decade working as a Music Supervisor in the Film&TV world. A list of her credits can be found in the IMDB link below. With the expertise of her background, Erin manages all things creative for Songtradr. She is also an avid live music attendee and former concert pianist. 

 2013-2015 The Haves and the Have Nots (TV Series) (music coordinator - 80 episodes)

Music Supervisor on America's Best Dance  Crew, Empire (TV Series) (music licensing coordinator,

Agent Carter (TV Series) (music licensing coordinator - 8 episodes)  just to name a few, view more on 

Some of her awards included: 

 2016 Nominee GMS Award Best Music Supervision in a Docuseries or Reality Television
America's Best Dance Crew (2008)   ( (America's Best Dance Crew All-Stars: Road to the VMAs)) 
Shared with: Joel C. High 
2015 Nominee GMS Award Best Music Supervision in a Television Musical or Comedy
Hit the Floor (2013)  Shared with: Joel C. High 
Season 2 2013 Nominee GMS Award Best Music Supervision for Independent Films
We the Party (2012)  Shared with: Joel C. High 


Matthew Earl Jones is the Director of the Arizona Office of Film & Digital Media. He has worked on both sides of the camera in film, television and commercials, as well as in the music industry. Matthew has more than 33 years of production experience in the Japanese, New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix markets. Recent credits include : Line Producer on Indie Feature “Manifest Destiny Down” ( Los Angeles ), APOC (Arizona ) on “ Furious 7 ” , and Celebrity judge for Arizona Idol, FOX TV (Phoenix). He has also produced more than 50 national and international television commercials , including ones starring Queen Latifah, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ray Charles.Past clients include: Bandai America, Castrol, Chevrolet, Home Depot, Honda, Lipton, McDonald’s, Nissan, Nissin Foods, Nivea, PacBell Wireless, Porsche, Raytheon, Subaru, Suntory, Toyota, Yamaha, and Ziploc. Raised in New Canaan, Connecticut , Matthew graduated Dartmouth College and for the first years of his career worked in the fields of advertising for BBD&O advertising agency, and brand management for American Home Products Cor poration in New York City. Matthew is the son of pioneering actor Robert Earl Jones and half - brother of legendary actor James Earl Jones.

Dawn Fields is a Los Angeles-based producer, writer/director and owner of the feature film production company Palm Street Films, LLC. She has over twenty years of experience working as a producer, writer, director, assistant director and editor and has a background in acquisitions and development. She has worked for such companies as LucasFilm, Twentieth Century Fox, Tri-Star, ABC, NBC, Aaron Spelling Productions and Morgan Creek.​ Some of her awards include: Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema : Best Female Producer Evie's Christmas Gift Beloit International Film Festival 2016 Winner
BIFFY Award Best Short Film Fragile Storm (2015) 
Brightside Tavern Film Festival 2016 Winner Jury Prize Best Short Fragile Storm (2015) 
Cleveland International Film Festival 2016 Nominee Humanitarian Award - Honorable Mention Best Women's Short Fragile Storm (2015) 
Connect Film Festival, AUS 2015 Winner Jury Prize Best Drama Fragile Storm (2015) 
Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival, NJ 2016 Winner Festival Award Best Short Film (Medium) Fragile Storm
Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2016 Winner IIFC Award Best Short Film Fragile Storm (2015) 
Best Director - Short Fragile Storm (2015) Best Screenplay - Short Fragile Storm (2015) 
Excellence in Screenwriting Fragile Storm (2015)  

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Industry Workshops, Panels & Presentations

Show Low, Pinetop, Lakeside and the White Mountains of Arizona

Angela Duncan has been in the motion picture business for over 30 years. She has played key roles in front of and behind the camera. Angela has taken her vast experience to help new and upcoming filmmakers, writers, producers and directors find an avenue for their talent. She is currently packaging a large slate of feature films and a television project Providing her clients with production talent, financing, budgeting, casting, production, post production and distribution channels. She is also bringing in a TV Series called “The Glass Moth” with a 15.9M budget that will be filmed in St. Johns Az, and a feature film called “The Four Horsemen” with a budget of 4M to be filmed in Tempe Az area…She also is a Film Resource Coordinator in St. Johns Az for the film Commission. After living in Los Angeles area for more the 30yrs, she has found that the State of AZ can offer all the locations that Los Angeles can for filmmaking… “The Independent Filmmakers here have a surprising amount of love for the industry​

Presentation from the Arizona Film Commission. Learn about all of the waivers and special incentives Arizona is offering to projects filming in the State. 

Open to film maker pass holders  & VIP pass holder only .

​​BANG FOR YOUR BUCK  Saturday October 13th, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Speaker:  Stephen Savage, Dawn Fields , Linda Palmer Cardone,  Angela Marie Duncan,

Louie Logerot, Cameron Mitchell

Shooting a film on a low budget  and delivering a film that looks like a million bucks.

Different perspectives  - in addition we selected 2 directors from submissions to join

Each speaker will talk 5 Minutes, after that Mr, Stephen Savage will direct questions at each speaker as well as facilitate questions from the Audience. 

​Facilitator : Stephen Savage

Stephen Savage


Music in Film


Bang for your Buck Film Making

Cameron Mitchell

was selected as speaker from the accepted Films

Industry Workshops - All held in the Theatre

Times might change slightly as we adjust our schedule! Come back to check

In order to attend you must have a film maker pass  or a workshop wrist band

Linda Palmer-Cardone

was selected as speaker from the accepted Films

Stephen Savage first came to prominence as the creative force behind the romantic ecology centered comedy "Cosmic Radio", starring Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, and Irene Bedard (the voice of Disney's "Pocahontas"). The film was the sleeper hit of the 2008 Palm Springs International Film Festival, becoming the first film to sell out all three of its opening weekend screenings. Since then, Savage has written, produced, and or directed five more feature films, including the 2011 thriller "Legacy", starring Wolfgang Bodison ("A Few Good Men", Joe Somebody") and Conor O'Farrell (HBO's The Pacific", "Stir Of Echoes"), and two television length dramas for The Sundance Channel, "The Hunter's Moon" starring Wes Studi, and "Tide Of Whispers", a joint Scottish/Canadian project which was shot in the Arctic Circle. Savage wrote and directed the Rock climbing comedy-drama "Vertical", winner of the Best Foreign Film Award at the 2015 London International Film Festival" and the Audience Choice trophy at the 2015 Paris Film Expo. (screening at this festival)  His clients are Tesla, Hyundai, Acura, Suzuki, and Kia, Time Warner's Travel Channel, The History Channel, and Journey TV, all put him on the fast track to a major directing career in film, TV, and Web Based advertising, and his stint as a featured director on A&E Network's "Son's Of Hollywood" helped make him a triple threat in the film, TV and commercial ad game. He is the author of a new adaptation of California's Official State Play, "Ramona", based on the 1884 Helen Hunt Jackson novel and the 1923 stage play of the same name, which is performed each spring in the beautiful 6000 seat Ramona Bowl Amphitheater in Southern California. Savage is the founder and director of the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema, occurring every March in Idyllwild, California.​ Follow his podcast for tips and tricks of the industry 

Roger Goff

Speaker :

Music in Film

​& Entertainment Law

Angela Marie Duncan


Bang for your Buck 


SUNDAY MORNING OCT 14th  10 Am -Noon

Leaving from the Theater

Bus tour of local sites of interest - possible filming locations. Light lunch will be served afterwards in the Film makers Lounge

Free Tickets will be provided at check in - Please RSVP

David Minasian is a veteran of the entertainment business having served as a producer, director, writer, composer, editor and cinematographer for over 35 years. An award winning producer and best selling author, Mr. Minasian has traveled the world, lending his talents to nearly 200 projects that include feature films, television programs, documentaries, music videos, albums, books, screenplays, magazine publications and commercials. Highlights from his producing and directing career include a behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of Mel Gibson’s controversial motion picture The Passion of the Christ filmed on location in Rome; a PBS television special Spirits Live featuring Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues; the final music video for legendary band Three Dog Night; and 2nd unit directing duties on the feature film The Joyriders starring Academy Award winner Martin Landau. His documentary The Story Behind Nights in White Satin received top honors at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema in 2016. As a composer with a classical background, Mr. Minasian has produced and co-written music with some of the industry’s top musicians including members of Genesis, Yes, The Moody Blues, Camel, Mr. Mister and the Elton John Band.

Film Makers learn about the legal aspects of a film, and what to look out for. Roger will also have an

open forum for questions at the end.

Workshop is open to Film maker and VIP pass holders only!

David Minasian


Music in Film

Cameron Mitchell


Bang for your Buck 

"Linda Palmer Cardone - Bio to come"​​

Panel of Presenters

MUSIC IN FILMSaturday October 13th, 10 Am - 11:00 Am

Panel: ​Roger Goff , David Minasian, Stephen Savage, SongTrdr : Erin Dillon

Roger Goff is both a film producer and entertainment lawyer.  Roger represents producers, financiers and other entertainment companies and personnel in a variety of transactions and is personally involved in the development and production process; negotiating deals with representatives for writers, actors and directors, in addition to arranging financing and distribution. He also serves as a music supervisor, combining his background in music with his expertise in music law and film law. Prior to becoming an attorney, Roger worked in radio and television broadcasting, commercial production, advertising and as a studio musician. Roger has been an Executive Producer and Producer on several films, including Man Down, starring Shia Labeouf, Gary Oldman and Kate Mara, and Krystal, directed by William H. Macy and starring Rosario Dawson, Kathy Bates, Nick Robinson, Grant Gustin, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman.  He has worked on financing and production for over a hundred films, including the Academy Award winning Dallas Buyers Club, Welcome to the Rileys (produced by Ridley Scott), Splinter, and American Gun.  Roger is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University, where he has taught Business and Legal Affairs. He is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Dawn Fields


Bang for your Buck