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Doctor Rebekah Louisa Smith began her film industry career in 2008, working as a producer on Wales’ most successful national horror film festival, the brilliantly-named Abertoir Horror Festival. And now, ten years on, she is having a stab at awards success herself. Her company The Film Festival Doctor, the name a nod to her academic past. Rebekah has a PhD in Film and Audience research, her thesis based on the work of her hero Quentin Tarantino. Fear not, The Doctor and her team will continue to pen prescriptions for success and are committed to transforming the lives of independent films through festivals. Their aim is to give these films and their makers visibility, awards, opportunities and recognition within the industry. Currently, the company- which has offices in London and Los Angeles- has helped win over 500 awards for their clients and her team have supported over 585 creatives across the world guiding them on their journeys to success.In 2018, Worcestershire-born  Rebekah worked extensively on the feature length documentary George Michael  Priorities for Successful Film Festival Exposure  Founder & CEO of The Film Festival Doctor, Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith, will be hosting a workshop for filmmakers which will include: 
1. an introduction to film festivals and how your film can help film festival audiences discover new visionary talent and voices. 
2. how film festivals can help your career by offering an abundance of opportunities including useful networking, sales, marketing and PR. 

Roger Goff will be again presenting his amazing workshop . He is both a film producer and entertainment lawyer.  Roger represents producers, financiers and other entertainment companies and personnel in a variety of transactions and is personally involved in the development and production process; negotiating deals with representatives for writers, actors and directors, in addition to arranging financing and distribution. He also serves as a music supervisor, combining his background in music with his expertise in music law and film law. Prior to becoming an attorney, Roger worked in radio and television broadcasting, commercial production, advertising and as a studio musician. Roger has been an Executive Producer and Producer on several films, including Man Down, starring Shia Labeouf, Gary Oldman and Kate Mara, and Krystal, directed by William H. Macy and starring Rosario Dawson, Kathy Bates, Nick Robinson, Grant Gustin, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman.  He has worked on financing and production for over a hundred films, including the Academy Award winning Dallas Buyers Club, Welcome to the Rileys (produced by Ridley Scott), Splinter, and American Gun.  Roger is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University, where he has taught Business and Legal Affairs. He is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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A panel of producers, what are they looking for? Pick their brains, and who knows, maybe they will work on your next project 

Matthew Earl Jones is the Director of the Arizona Office of Film & Digital Media. He has worked on both sides of the camera in film, television and commercials, as well as in the music industry. Matthew has more than 33 years of production experience in the Japanese, New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix markets. Recent credits include : Line Producer on Indie Feature “Manifest Destiny Down” ( Los Angeles ), APOC (Arizona ) on “ Furious 7 ” , and Celebrity judge for Arizona Idol, FOX TV (Phoenix). He has also produced more than 50 national and international television commercials , including ones starring Queen Latifah, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ray Charles.Past clients include: Bandai America, Castrol, Chevrolet, Home Depot, Honda, Lipton, McDonald’s, Nissan, Nissin Foods, Nivea, PacBell Wireless, Porsche, Raytheon, Subaru, Suntory, Toyota, Yamaha, and Ziploc. Raised in New Canaan, Connecticut , Matthew graduated Dartmouth College and for the first years of his career worked in the fields of advertising for BBD&O advertising agency, and brand management for American Home Products Cor poration in New York City. Matthew is the son of pioneering actor Robert Earl Jones and half - brother of legendary actor James Earl Jones.

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