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Black Moon is Ryan Graff’s debut film in the genre of horror/thrillers. The film was inspired by and shot in a pedestrian tunnel near his home in Tarzana, California. With a background in theater acting and sound for film, Graff brings a unique perspective to his films, which lends itself to the experiential style of Black Moon.

​The story of Black Moon involves several layers. The location, a pedestrian tunnel, which inspired the haunting visuals of the film. I combined this with a fear that has always fascinated me, which is the sensation of believing that you are being watched or hunted. Even as an adult, it is a feeling that can make you leave a room just a bit quicker or leave the lights on. Also, I wanted to add a larger world element, and so created a mythology around an actual lunar event called a “black moon”.

I wanted to keep the audience in the moment with the characters, as though these things were really happening to them. To do this, I took the approach for a raw, authentic experience and avoided the impressionistic style. The intention being a film that opens the door to a new mythology and an experience that thrills the audience in the theater and comes home with them after its over.

On her walk home, a young mother is lured into a tunnel, unaware of what has been awoken inside on the night of a black moon.


Ryan Graff

Black Moon