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Rav and Emma have recently got together. They are in love but do they really know each other? Damage is what happens when control and abuse destroys a loving relationship from within.

Fernando dreamed about becoming a director since he was a child. Growing up in an Italian household, surrounded by volatile relationships, he found an escape through movies.

In his home town of Kidderminster, Fernando stayed regularly with his grandparents. Migrants from Italy, Fernando found himself their translator and connection to the British way of life. Speaking Italian at home and English at school his studies suffered and he was later diagnosed with dyslexia. He utilises his experiences and influences to bridge the gap between his Italian upbringing and British heritage, through film and in life.

​Fernando penned his first script back in 2005 whilst training as a barber but his script sat on the shelf while he earned a living cutting hair. He continued to write, and in 2011 he was asked to act in a short film The Mistake, directed by Kyriacos Mosfiliotis. Here he got his first taste of being on set and loved it. He became friends with film maker Hakam Poselay (Checking In) and started to see film making as a possible career.

Fernando then started looking for people to read his script. Through social media Fernando started to talk to some established film directors. On Twitter, Fernando met film editor Lawrence Donello. Both of Italian decent, they teamed up to make Fernando’s first short film script; The Taxi. Directing his own work, Fernando knew he was on the right path.

The Taxi went on to be officially selected at The Great Lakes International Film Festival, Los Angeles Cinefest and Worcestershire Film Festival. After this he began working on his next short film, the drama Who’s There featuring Antonio Magro (Blood Orange, The Alienist) , Grace Vallorani (Harry Brown), Greg Hobbs (The Truth), Sophie Canare (Lethal Fate) and Amy Shepherd (WPC56), Fernando shot a powerful film exploring themes of domestic violence and loss.

Then in the summer of 2016 he directed his first feature film Artichoke a 75min feature starring Vincenzo Nicoli (Alien 3, The Dark Knight) , Francesco Tribuzio (The Taxi, The Toymaker), Sophie Canare (Who's There, Lethal Fate) and Jet Summan (Holby City, The Law of Noir).

DAMAGE is Fernando's third short film. Returning to the theme of domsestic violence with Who's There actress Amy Shepherd and Artichoke's Jetinder Summan. Fen is working on his next script LUCIO aiming for a 2021 shoot.


Fernando Antonio Maffei