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IMPORTANT: This page is updated  monthly until the final deadline of August. Films you see already listed had a high enough score and at least one nomination, thus giving them Early Acceptance status. We are adding to the site monthly - if a film did not get early status, they are still in the running and still have the same chances to make it in. Final acceptance and nominations are announced  at the end of August 2019

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Starring Paul Guilfoyle - Julia Silverman - Carlos Carrasco - Riker Lynch - Isabelle Blake Thomas - Jamie Brewer - ​Adwin Brown - Ellen Gerstein - Kat Kramer - ​Elina Madison - Blair Williams - Beverly Todd

These are specially selected films that we have invited to screen at our festival. Selected by our Owner and producer Martina Webster . They each will receive an official trophy commemorating their selection to be featured. They are not eligible to compete in the festival . But it is a huge honor to be selected

2019 Screenings

A disgruntled cafe manager hires a crew of misfits to run the owners business into the ground, but instead they save his life. When restaurant owner, Peter, leaves quickly on a much-needed medical sabbatical to deal with his own issues, his disgruntled manager, Henry, hires a crew of misfits and his replacement in an attempt to put Peter out of business.  Henry takes a job offer down the street and becomes a painful thorn in Peter’s side. Upon his return, Peter discovers his business is no longer something he cares for, or even recognizes. Only after this unusual new crew bands together to protect one another from insults dished out by Henry, does Peter start to get a sense of what he has. Peter attempts to train them to be the crew he needs, but becomes so frustrated he, again, considers closing the business. When his wife, whom he’s separated from, announces she wants a divorce in order to re-marry, the misfits take on another role as his support group. Peter learns to accept this fate, offering to throw a rehearsal dinner for the new couple to exercise his closure.  When it’s a complete disaster, Peter gets in a fight with the fiancé and throws out the wedding party. Then he has a stroke. The only people who care and take on the responsibility of  rehabilitating him, are the misfits. These strangely lovable people become the eclectic family he appreciates as he turns over a healthier, happier chapter in his life. 

​Director: Linda Palmer

Showcase - Short

“Sis” is a short film (written by and starring 10-year-old Amelia Sheikh) about a young girl who has a frightening and disturbing session with her psychiatrist. 

​Director Dawn Fields

A Bitter Reckoning
Short - US & International  24:30

 Acceptable Damage
Feature - US & International  01:17:26

Suspense - Short US & International 7:11

Be There
Short - US & International  14:28

Horror Short - US & International  15:00

Cat Dexx: Inkosi

Short US & International 9:58

Connected: The Joe Polish Story
Documentary Featurette/Feature US & International 01:05:55

​Constant Treason

Suspense Short 16:39

El Viejo

Documentary Featurette/Feature US & International 01:06:34

Fallen Feathers
 in Documentary Short 8:11

Gray Matter Series Pilot
Short - US & International 6:50

I am sorry 
Short - US & International 3:19

Short - US & International 14:43

 Short - US & International 9:10

Journey Home
Documentary Featurette/Feature US & International 57:56

Ladies Most Deject

Short - US & International 15:29

Student Film- US & International 10:00

Short - US & International 19:30

Mens Sana 
Sci-Fi - Short US & International  14:30

Short - US & International 10:00

Short - US & International 6:46

Rooted in Arizona

Documentary- Short US & International 4:17

Suspense - Short US & International 16:39

Saving the Burg

Documentary - Featurette/Feature 58:00

Service Road
Featurette - US & International 30:00


Feature - US & International 01:29:00

Slow Dance
  Student Film - US & International  15:31

Space to Explore
Documentary Short 13:58

Swept Away
Short - US & International 11:58


Short - US & International 16:53


Short - US & International 10:25

The Axe Man
Documentary Short - US & International 14:44

The Blood Hunter
Horror Feature - US & International  01:41:00

 Suspense - Short US & International 13:53

The Cunning Man
Suspense Short - US & International  12:54

The Journey Back to Normal

Documentary Featurette/Feature 01:05

The Last Deal 
 Short - US & International 7:41

The Last Doll Lady
Documentary Short  21:13

The Peck Situation
Short  US - International 10:00

The Recce
Feature Film US & International 01:55:00

They Say It Can't Be Done

Short  US - International 10:00


Short - US & International 8:52

Vanishing River
Documentary Short 6:29