Pooch Sitter is a short film about homelessness disguised as a film about pet sitters. On the surface, a quirky pet sitter seeks complete love and adoration from other people’s dogs. 

In actuality, Claire Wingham is surviving homelessness. Claire usually finds her “clients” by sitting on park benches, which otherwise serve as an occasional bed. While pet sitting, Claire truly leverages the term, “make yourself at home,” in a fun, kinetic and unforgettable way.

When she’s not working, Claire seeks refuge in a homeless shelter, when and where possible. Despite her circumstance, Claire has a sunny, hopeful disposition. She floats through life with a chameleon like creativity, and unperturbed naiveté.

Pooch Sitter

Show Low, Pinetop, Lakeside and the White Mountains of Arizona

Pooch Sitter


Monda Raquel Webb