Show Low, Pinetop, Lakeside and the White Mountains of Arizona

Wild C.A.T.

Writers : JLena M Pousette, Deon van Rooyen, Linda Palmer

Flies buzz around the hacked off face of a rhino sprawled out in a pool of blood.

Furious, teenager Cat employs her mastery of weapons inherited from her conservationist dad, and her martial arts prowess taught by her mom, to stop local poachers from slaughtering the wildlife she helped raise and care for. Realizing too late the power and greed behind the poaching industry, she ends up paying the ultimate price when- 

Her father is murdered by furious poachers. 

Hell bent on revenge, Cat faces a formidable opponent; a trophy hunting consortium with untold wealth and resources, including some of the local government officials. In an attempt to get rid of Cat, they frame her for the poisoning death of her mother. Heartbroken, she loses her will to fight but gets a new spark when she’s reunited with her half brother. Until she discovers that there’s price set on her head. 

And her “brother” is there to collect 


Writer : Jesse Valencia

Featuring an original soundtrack of demos composed by myself for the film, with a private link-out on the title page, 'In The Land Of Good Oaks' is a music-driven drama about up and coming country singer Rhys Diaz, whose appetite for self-sabotage and excess threatens to derail him from landing the record deal of his dreams.


Official Selections - Finalists


Writer Joseph Leone

Actions and reactions have consequences...some, have dire consequences.
The demanding, insensitive actions of a mid-level manager toward his former employee, causes a catastrophic chain of events to occur. A call center employee seeks deadly revenge after being fired for apparently no good reason. While, a Co-Worker / Navy Reservist steps up to save her colleagues from imminent danger, yet, she is fighting her own internal demons..


Writers - Camille Huot, Ambrealys

From skilled criminals to misfit government agents, Elizabeth, Lolita, Katarina and Avah must dodge both terrorist bullets and political games to earn back their freedom.
Four highly skilled female criminal are given a choice : a life sentence or serve their country in a secret anti-terrorist unit. .


Writer : Thresa Richardson
Teen boys go missing and some believe that Angie, the daughter of cursed California coastal farmland, is to blame.

A Trespasser on Rancho Rivera
by Douglas Harms & Joe D’Leon

Plans for a weekend of off-roading on a family ranch becomes a struggle of life and death when a young woman and her girlfriends encounter a mysterious trespasser.


Writer : Joe Leone   Genre: Political/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Logline: Aided by a mysterious shadow organization, a dynamic woman, predestined to make an impact on the world is mere days away from an upset victory in the 2024 US Presidential General Election. However, all is not well, as this same organization is conspiring with the VP candidate to take her out, and overthrow the country.

  Summary: This story follows the remarkable tale of (Isabel Flores Ramirez), who appears to escape one tragedy after the next, early in her life, but ultimately triumphs as a business success and political underdog with the aid of a mystery group, known as the Phantom Council. She is later introduced to an "up and coming" Superstar (Sebastian Neuhauser) who operates in the field of Battlefield Robotics and Aerial Surveillance for the Pentagon. As a team, they pull off the impossible by winning the 2024 U.S. Presidential General Election as Independent Candidates. However, there was a terrible price to pay for this victory.

Cat Dexx

by Deon van Rooyen, Linda Palmer, Lena Pousette

A female 'Rambo' hunts poachers in Africa 'Tarantino' style!

Like a Tattoo

by Kasisi Harris 

Michael is a late bloomer to the gay dating scene. After a night out with friends, he meets Hayden; a hunk with a talent for photography and a love for tattoos. Hayden invites Michael back to his place to discuss art, have a few drinks, saw him in half, and become the killer's newest tattoo.