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Social Media Magic is an opportunity for you to learn how to optimize your social media in relation to your work. Not only will you get to learn the inner workings of how some of the leaders in the industry utilize social media, you will also walk away feeling refreshed in knowing you don’t have to be glued to your phone all day! You will also have the opportunity to have your questions answered, so that you can apply specific strategies to your accounts. If you think you know it- you don't.

We promise you will learn a lot in this class - Please attend before doing Level 2

​This class had the best feedback and the highest rating last year!

Social Media Magic  - a more advanced approach. if you did Level 1 last year, then attend this workshop to learn more difficult trick. We are not talking about basics here. Please attend Level 1 before going to this class. There is not time to answer basic questions or the usage of basic facebook or Instagram - only take this class if you confident in advertising and using all social media platforms. 

Director ELIZABETH BLAKE-THOMAS is a British award-winning filmmaker and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, having recently completed her 8th feature film.  Her latest feature Evie Rose, starring Oscar-nominated actress Terry Moore, follows the heartwarming story of an unusual friendship during the final day of a 100-year-old woman’s life. Elizabeth is the founder and resident director of entertainment company Mother & Daughter Entertainment, whose motto is “Making Content That Matters”, putting focus on each project starting a conversation amongst viewers.   
An Official Ambassador of Awareness Ties for Human Trafficking, Elizabeth hopes to raise more awareness to the horrific nature of human trafficking and help put a stop to it. Her awardwinning short film UNSEEN, which addresses the role technology plays in the facilitation of child trafficking, is currently available on all platforms.  Being a female director, Elizabeth strives to make projects with at least a 50/50 female cast and crew.  A regular on panels at Sundance, Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival, Elizabeth mentors wherever possible, ensuring she sends the elevator back down to all other female directors and filmmakers.  
Directing Showreel:   Awareness Ties Ambassador Page: 

Jeffrey Cooper

​Cut Entertainment Group (CEG)

It's a crazy, mixed up world.  If you want to distribute your film in your home territory, you probably can.  It will cost you upfront costs and time, but you can.  You want the rest of the world to see the film?  Not as easy.  We'll cover some of the basics and will field as many questions as we can.  Jon will be here all weekend for acquisitions as well.
Jon Bonnell has worked in entertainment since the 80's.  After a few decades in software development he jumped back in to the deep end. He has worked in film and television distribution since 2008 and has been responsible for the distribution of  thousands of feature films and episodes of television, including such films as Henry's Crime (Keanu Reevers and James Caan), See You In September (Whoopee Goldberg, Estella Warren), Mayor Cupcake (Judd Nelson and Lea Thompson) and Leading Lady (Katie McGrath).  In addition, Jon is the Vice President of the Arizona Film and Media Coalition, the lobbying organization for the film and media industries in Arizona.

Foreign Vs Domestic Distribution

11:30 Am & 6:00 pm Theater 2

Jon Bonnell

What it takes to make a film that will sell in the marketplace? In this workshop Jeffrey Cooper analyzes these examples and demonstrates how YOU can exhibit your talent without breaking the bank while doing it. Discussed in detail are film genres, which brings the most bang for your buck, and how buyers select films brought into the marketplace. Participants will also obtain a firm grasp of the business of film distribution- the definition of a sales agent, knowing the distributor / sales agent you're submitting to, avoiding unscrupulous distributors / sales agents, and 'tricks of the trade' when submitting to a sales agent / distributor and negotiating a sales agent or distribution contract.  

Jeffrey Cooper is President & Owner of CUT ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (CEG). Founded in 2003, CEG specializes in the production, distribution and sales representation of feature films and short films. For twenty-two years Mr. Cooper has worked in development, production, sales, and distribution for several motion picture companies including Roger Corman’s Concorde/New Horizon, Kopelson Entertainment, Universal Studios, and Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment. At CEG Mr. Cooper has been responsible for nearly one-hundred thirty-five feature film sales and has Produced four features distributed by studios or mini-majors, including Universal, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate and Showtime. Recent titles include 'Back Fork', starring AJ Cook and Josh Stewart, 'The Middle of X', starring Nicky Whelan, Colin Egglesfield, Sammi Hanratty and Jason Gray-Stanford, 'Alpha Wolf', starring Casper Van Dien and Patrick Muldoon, 'The Hollow', starring Jeff Fahey, William Sadler, and William Forsythe, 'Roommate Wanted', starring Alexa Vega, as well as 'All Things to All Men', starring Gabriel Byrne, Rufus Sewell, Julian Sands and Toby Stephens. Other titles feature the talent of James Cromwell, Gary Oldman, Malcolm McDowell, Danny Trejo, Keith Carradine, Jane Seymour, Michael Imperioli, Rob Schneider, Rob Morrow, Janeane Garofalo, Natasha Lyonne, and Ethan Embry to name a few. 
Mr. Cooper is also an adjunct professor, having developed and taught graduate / undergraduate film distribution courses at various institutions including Chapman University Dodge College of Film & Media Arts, Woodbury University School of Media, Culture & Design, New York Film Academy (Universal Studios), Academy of Art University (San Francisco) and Boston University. He has also guest-lectured for the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, Columbia College Hollywood, National University, and Art Institute of Portland. He recently served as a Workshop Lecturer and Jurist at the Prescott Film Festival, sponsored by Yavapai College, a Presenter and Panelist for a workshop at Lane Community College, a guest on ‘Studio A’- a 30 minute film colloquium television special at George Mason University (GMU), and an Intern Trainer where he supervises undergraduate student interns from the University of Arizona that participate in his production and distribution company.

Media Magic Level 1

10:00 Am & 4:30 pm

Pitchfest - Scripts

2:00 - 3:00 pm Theater 1

Dalea Faulkner is Co-Creator and Co-Owner of The Moon Sisters™. When she's not working on creating a Sacred Space to help people Shine, you can find her moving through life from a space of flow, and walking in alignment with her truth. Dalea is an accomplished Writer, Poet, Song Writer, Screen Writer, Actress, Business Mentor, and Speaker.

In addition to her business & social media skills, she has also appeared in films and commercials

She has a selected few high ranking social media clients. Dalea sold her first script : Hashtag Blessed The Movie,

She is a Co-Owner and Co-producer on the Show Low Film Festival as well as a Producer on Hashtag Blessed the Movie

Entertainment Law & Copyright

Fri 11 Am & 5:30 pm

Stephen Wade Nebgen, Esq.
The Law Offices of Stephen Wade Nebgen, PLLC
3370 N. Hayden Road, Suite 123-565
Scottsdale, Arizona  85251
(480) 215-6305

​Pitchfest - Projects/Films

3:00 - 4:00 pm Theater 1

Roger Goff will be again presenting his amazing workshop . He is both a film producer and entertainment lawyer.  Roger represents producers, financiers and other entertainment companies and personnel in a variety of transactions and is personally involved in the development and production process; negotiating deals with representatives for writers, actors and directors, in addition to arranging financing and distribution. He also serves as a music supervisor, combining his background in music with his expertise in music law and film law. Prior to becoming an attorney, Roger worked in radio and television broadcasting, commercial production, advertising and as a studio musician. Roger has been an Executive Producer and Producer on several films, including Man Down, starring Shia Labeouf, Gary Oldman and Kate Mara, and Krystal, directed by William H. Macy and starring Rosario Dawson, Kathy Bates, Nick Robinson, Grant Gustin, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman.  He has worked on financing and production for over a hundred films, including the Academy Award winning Dallas Buyers Club, Welcome to the Rileys (produced by Ridley Scott), Splinter, and American Gun.  Roger is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University, where he has taught Business and Legal Affairs. He is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

"Film Making Without Fear"

How to make your own Hollywood!

11:00 Am & 5:30 pm Theater 2

Distribution - The Big Question

​10:00 Am & 4:30 pm

Media Magic Level 2

1:00 pm & 6:30 pm

Present your current film you need distribution for, or

a project you are looking for producers and distribution

make sure you have several pitch decks ready to hand out




Present your projects to a selected panel of producers.

Make sure you have proper materials to hand them.


Mr. Nebgen has been practicing entertainment law for close to twenty (20) years and been involved in the entertainment industry for close to forty (40) years. His clients include film, television and theatre companies, actors/actresses, musicians and many authors and painters. He counsels clients regarding business formation, intellectual property matters in copyright and trademarks, contract negotiations, and other corporate law matters.  Mr. Nebgen is also a producer with credits in film, television, theatre and music. As a producer, Mr. Nebgen produced such prominent Off-Broadway plays as the 20th Anniversary Revival of "Fortune and Men's Eyes" and "Bert See's The Light", which featured Jack Black in his New York theatre debut. Mr. Nebgen worked on such Broadway productions as "Lettice & Lovage", starring Tony Award winner Dame Maggie Smith, and Andrew Lloyd Webber productions of "Cats" and "Aspects of Love". Currently, Mr. Nebgen just had his children’s book, “Theodore’s Plate,” published by World Castle Publishing and he is producing a short film of the W. H. Auden poem, “The Shield of Achilles.”

More to be Added 

Industry Workshops, Panels & Presentations

Roger Goff

Los Angeles, CA