Show Low, Pinetop, Lakeside and the White Mountains of Arizona

In the lighting workshop, we will be talking about the emotion of

light and cover how different facial lighting patterns, color, quality and intensity of light, contrast ratios, background lighting schemes and other factors help set the mood in a scene. Live Demonstration

Social Media Magic is an opportunity for you to learn how to optimize your social media in relation to your work. Not only will you get to learn the inner workings of how some of the leaders in the industry utilize social media, you will also walk away feeling refreshed in knowing you don’t have to be glued to your phone all day! You will also have the opportunity to have your questions answered, so that you can apply specific strategies to your accounts.

Yes, we will have distributors  aggregators , theater owners  present at the festival looking for movies to buy or represent. Some will be incognito until they approach you, some will make appointments through our media department to have you pitch your film to them. Please be prepared and bring all of your needed materials.  You may ship them ahead of time to the theater address. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any of these deals , nor do we take a "Cut". This is solely for you to be able to have your project in front of the industry people.  We will announce them  as soon as they are confirmed!

Foreign vs Domestic Distribution

​Sat Oct 19th - 10:00 - 10:30 Am

Duy Beck




Laney Croney

WME Theaters

What are Producers looking for? Pitchfest

​Sun Oct 20th 10:30 - 11:00 Am Panel

Sunday Oct 20th 11:00-11:30 Am Pitchfest

Cupid Hayes


Casting Director

Missing Channel Media Group

Unfortunately - Jeffrey has an Injury and is not able to attend our event. Jeffrey sends his regards to everyone - he will be reviewing the winning films online after the event

What are Producers looking for?

Roger Goff

Dalea is the Festival Co-Producer, Dalea will be the lead for all media, any concerns and be your all around go to gal at the event. She is the daughter of owner Martina Webster. The host of Media Magic Dalea Faulkner is Co-Creator and Co-Owner of The Moon Sisters™. When she's not working on creating a Sacred Space to help you Shine with their online membership, "The Sacred Circle", you can find her moving through life from a space of flow, and walking in alignment with her truth. Dalea is an accomplished Writer, Song Writer, Business Mentor, and Speaker. In addition to her business skills, she has also appeared in films and commercials.

Festival Staff, Co-Creator and Co-Owner of The Moon Sisters™, Business Mentor, and Speaker
Sarah will be assisting Dalea and Alan. She will also be a co-host on Media Magic

David Wharton Sr.


Dolphin Pictures

David was selected from current film


Cupid Hayes

15 minute Appointments  are available

Thur Oct 17th 5:15-5:45 (3)       Fri Oct 18th 3:00- 5:30 (11)

Sat Noon - 1:45 8 (8)        Sunday 1:15 to 4:00 (14)

Missing Channel Media Group

Book Individual appointments to talk to Cupid via Dalea or Alan at the festival.

 Cupid Hayes is Vice President of Business Development for MCMG (Missing Channel Media Group), a media distribution company in satellite, cable, linear, mobile, and OTT. In her role, she leads strategy, brand development, partnerships and international expansion. Cupid Hayes is a successful and well respected entertainment and technology entrepreneur and activist who has spent over a decade defining and redefining how content is created, distributed, and monetized. She advocates for the rights and protections of media creatives and served on the SAG-AFTRA Hollywood Board of Directors as well as many committees. As an award-winning commercial casting director, her clients have included LEGO, Procter & Gamble, Western Union, and Famous Footwear. Cupid also directs clients on multi-platform strategy, the execution of branded content, and upfront activations.

A dedicated media disruptor and proud graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Cupid Hayes is a frequent speaker on media monetization and the influence of technology as a tool for diversity and empowerment

David was our selection of current entries as a speaker. We will do this every year.

David Wharton is an award-winning Filmmaker/Actor, and also co-owner, along with his wife, Barbara, of the Independent Film Production Company, Dolphin Pictures, where he also serves as writer, producer and director. David's interest in the Creative Arts began at the age of twelve in 1975 after seeing the movie, "Jaws". Joining a local theatre group at the age of seventeen, first as a stagehand,then moving on to leading roles, David eventually enrolled as a Dance and Theatre Major in College, and, after graduation, became a Principal Dancer of the Nassau Dance Company on Long Island, from 1985 to 1988.
David's main focus now is running Dolphin Pictures, but also acting on television series such as SHOWTIME's Billions, NBC's The Blacklist, and, more recently, HBO's Succession.

Thresa Richardson


Thresa was selected

from current film


Sarah Anderegg

The Moon Sisters Tribe

Successful Film Festival Exposure

Friday 10:00 Am - 10:30 Am 

It's a crazy, mixed up world.  If you want to distribute your film in your home territory, you probably can.  It will cost you upfront costs and time, but you can.  You want the rest of the world to see the film?  Not as easy.  We'll cover some of the basics and will field as many questions as we can.  Jon will be here all weekend for acquisitions as well.
Jon Bonnell has worked in entertainment since the 80's.  After a few decades in software development he jumped back in to the deep end. He has worked in film and television distribution since 2008 and has been responsible for the distribution of  thousands of feature films and episodes of television, including such films as Henry's Crime (Keanu Reevers and James Caan), See You In September (Whoopee Goldberg, Estella Warren), Mayor Cupcake (Judd Nelson and Lea Thompson) and Leading Lady (Katie McGrath).  In addition, Jon is the Vice President of the Arizona Film and Media Coalition, the lobbying organization for the film and media industries in Arizona.

Duy Beck

Do you want a week long run at the Show Low or Pinetop Theater? How about at a 50/50 split? Well - pitch Lanny Croney one of the owners. We will schedule

​an appointment for you!

Lighting you up!

​Sat Oct 19th 11:00 Am - Noon

Jon Bonnell

David Wharton Sr

Stunts in Film 

Sunday Oct 20th 11:30 - Noon

Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith​

Jason grew up riding BMX freestyle, and while working his way up the ranks to eventually compete as a regional pro,

he watched BMX videos incessantly.  Before long, he self-financed and produced his own full-length

action sports video featuring the Arizona BMX scene. Determined to make films full time, Jason began attending

the Film School at Scottsdale Community College.  While there he was mentored by 2-time MTV Video

Music Award Winner Ryan Smith for music video and commercial film production.  At school Jason

directed two music videos for country music artist Sarah Darling and wrote and directed
photography on a music video for the band Ember.  Jason's music video for Sarah Darling’s

“Whenever it Rains” reached #2 on CMT’s Hot 20 Music Video Countdown.  Jason's  films are distributed

in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and his work has aired on PBS, NBCSN, SPIKE, OLN,
FSN, CNBC, GAC, OXYGEN, FOOD, FUEL and  His clients include Atlantic Records,

VSR Music Group/EMI CMG Music Distribution, Black River Music Group, Rockshrimp Productions,

Lucid Potato, Comedian Jo Koy and Club Tattoo.  Jason was nominated for a Best Cinematography award
from the International Academy of Web Television in 2013 for his work on the web series Western X. 

 A few of the bands he has shot live include Queen+Adam Lambert, Barenaked Ladies, Train, Cee-Lo Green,

Tanya Tucker, Jordin Sparks, Junior Prom, Churchill and Vicci Martinez.  Jason is also an avid professional

still photographer, having applied his soulful lighting skills to shooting stills of live music, fashion, candids,
lifestyle and action sports.


Successful Film Festival Expose


Media Magic

​Friday Oct 18th - 10:30 Am - 11:00 Am

Martina Webster




Evie's Christmas Gift

The Wind of Heaven

Hashtag Blessed

Justin Hayward Music Video


​Sunday Oct 20th 10Am - 10:30 Am


Entertainment Law & Music in Film

Sat. 10:30 - 11:00 Am

Stephen Wade Nebgen, Esq.
The Law Offices of Stephen Wade Nebgen, PLLC
3370 N. Hayden Road, Suite 123-565
Scottsdale, Arizona  85251
(480) 215-6305

Entertainment Law & Music in Film

Duy Beck

Producing Tips

Friday Oct 18th - 11:00 Am- 11:30

Doctor Rebekah Louisa Smith began her film industry career in 2008, working as a producer on Wales’ most successful national horror film festival, the brilliantly-named Abertoir Horror Festival. And now, ten years on, she is having a stab at awards success herself. Her company The Film Festival Doctor, the name a nod to her academic past. Rebekah has a PhD in Film and Audience research, her thesis based on the work of her hero Quentin Tarantino. Fear not, The Doctor and her team will continue to pen prescriptions for success and are committed to transforming the lives of independent films through festivals. Their aim is to give these films and their makers visibility, awards, opportunities and recognition within the industry. Currently, the company- which has offices in London and Los Angeles- has helped win over 500 awards for their clients and her team have supported over 585 creatives across the world guiding them on their journeys to success.In 2018, Worcestershire-born  Rebekah worked extensively on the feature length documentary George Michael  Priorities for Successful Film Festival Exposure  Founder & CEO of The Film Festival Doctor, Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith, will be hosting a workshop for filmmakers which will include: 
1. an introduction to film festivals and how your film can help film festival audiences discover new visionary talent and voices. 
2. how film festivals can help your career by offering an abundance of opportunities including useful networking, sales, marketing and PR. 

Roger Goff will be again presenting his amazing workshop . He is both a film producer and entertainment lawyer.  Roger represents producers, financiers and other entertainment companies and personnel in a variety of transactions and is personally involved in the development and production process; negotiating deals with representatives for writers, actors and directors, in addition to arranging financing and distribution. He also serves as a music supervisor, combining his background in music with his expertise in music law and film law. Prior to becoming an attorney, Roger worked in radio and television broadcasting, commercial production, advertising and as a studio musician. Roger has been an Executive Producer and Producer on several films, including Man Down, starring Shia Labeouf, Gary Oldman and Kate Mara, and Krystal, directed by William H. Macy and starring Rosario Dawson, Kathy Bates, Nick Robinson, Grant Gustin, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman.  He has worked on financing and production for over a hundred films, including the Academy Award winning Dallas Buyers Club, Welcome to the Rileys (produced by Ridley Scott), Splinter, and American Gun.  Roger is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University, where he has taught Business and Legal Affairs. He is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Media Magic

Roger Goeff


Entertainment Lawyer

Jason Ryan

Psychicflyingmonkey Productions


Dalea Faulkner

The Moon Sisters Tribe

Rebekah Smith


Film Festival Doctor

Foreign Vs Domestic Distribution

A panel of producers, what are they looking for? Pick their brains, and who knows, maybe they will work on your next project 

Mr. Nebgen has been practicing entertainment law for close to twenty (20) years and been involved in the entertainment industry for close to forty (40) years. His clients include film, television and theatre companies, actors/actresses, musicians and many authors and painters. He counsels clients regarding business formation, intellectual property matters in copyright and trademarks, contract negotiations, and other corporate law matters.  Mr. Nebgen is also a producer with credits in film, television, theatre and music. As a producer, Mr. Nebgen produced such prominent Off-Broadway plays as the 20th Anniversary Revival of "Fortune and Men's Eyes" and "Bert See's The Light", which featured Jack Black in his New York theatre debut. Mr. Nebgen worked on such Broadway productions as "Lettice & Lovage", starring Tony Award winner Dame Maggie Smith, and Andrew Lloyd Webber productions of "Cats" and "Aspects of Love". Currently, Mr. Nebgen just had his children’s book, “Theodore’s Plate,” published by World Castle Publishing and he is producing a short film of the W. H. Auden poem, “The Shield of Achilles.”


The importance of having stunt men and women and a stunt choreographer and coordinator

Beck is an actor, award winning stunt choreographer, producer, and writer 
who has been a part of over 100 media productions working with Universal, 
Warner Brother s, NBC /Universal, CBS, Disney, HBO, History & Discovery Channeletc , for over 20 year s. 
Beck structures private equity placements and syndicates senior, bridge, and 
mezzanine financing for feature films and network episodics for both franchise and independent films

Lighting you up!

Industry Workshops, Panels & Presentations

Producing Tips